Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chitrangada: 'I really admire Deepika's body ...

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Before you guys (and girls) get crazy ideas of Chitrangda's sexual orientation (;) ) let me finish the sentence she said :)

Chitrangada: 'I really admire Deepika's body of work'

Q: You have Deepika Padukone alongside you in the film. Did you think that she, having done far more films, would overshadow you?
Chitrangada: See, she is a big star and has around 10-12 films to her credit -- all with big banners. I really admire her body of work. But (director) Rohit Dhawan has done a fabulous job with the film, and he told me he had written the character with me in mind.
It really was a big thing for me, and I respect him even more, for him to acknowledge that. I'm satisfied with the way my role has come out, and confident of my work. There is no friction between Deepika and me.

But you guys can get crazy on Deepika's body :)

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