Thursday, November 24, 2011

Food Prices Drop, Sharad Pawar Slapped Anyway

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Indian Govt AWAKENS after Sharad Pawar slap ... allows 51% FDI (foreign direct investment) in multi-brand retail. 

Summary of the day: An SP (Shady Politician) by name SP (Sharad Pawar), got an SP (#Slapgate Punishment) via an SP (Sardar's Palm).

What's the one thing Sharad Pawar never wants to hear before he sleeps? Goodnight, Slap Tight

Breaking News: Harvinder Singh To Sharad Pawar: "Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh

Sharad Pawar. The man who has always 'only just had a lemon'.
*Some People Want iT To Happen, Some Wish iT Would Happen, Others Make iT Happen* .. #SlapGate Sharad Pawar NCP Thanksgiving Harvinder Singh

Only Sreesanth can understand Pawar.

Question is not support to #SlapGate or Sharad Pawar. Majority of Indians from heart believes that he deserves slaps, in some form.

Today's #slapgate is a perfect example of slapstick comedy. Slap for Pawar, stick for Harvinder Singh and comedy for the public.

The Sharad Pawar thappad has proved that if they have 'occupy wall street' in America, we have 'occupy gaal street' in India!

There is a bandh in Pune tomorrow over #SlapGate? Kids there would be praying that someone slaps Sharad Pawar again. #chhutti

Common man backs Harvinder for slapping Sharad Pawar, wants it repeated

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