Friday, November 25, 2011

Payal Rohatgi tweeted: 'Am happy sharad pawar got slapped. Are u?'

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Payal Rohatgi tweeted: 'Am happy sharad pawar got slapped. Are u?'

Shirish Kunder wrote: 'India's New Superhero : SlapMan. SlapMan reveals he slapped Sharad Pawar on his cheek only to make him symmetrical. I suggest makers of I Am Singh rope in Harvinder Singh for an Item Song. Sure Shot Hit!'
Lata Mangeshkar strongly condemned the attack. 'Namaskar. I am terribly disturbed today to see the assault on Shri Sharad Pawar. This is just not done! I have known Shri Pawar for decades now, very well, and I am deeply shocked & distressed to see all the visuals I saw on tv today, of him being assaulted. Sharad Pawar has contributed a lot to the development & modernisation of Maharashtra for decades now and is a very senior & respected leader in the polity of India. It is sad that somebody should assault him this way. The perpetrator did not even consider Pawar sahab's age & health. I am very saddened. My family & I strongly condemn this assault on Pawar sahib,' she wrote.

Shobhaa De, on the other hand, wants more slaps. ''Kissa Thappad Ka' goes viral and beats Dhanush's Kolaveri Di. Message is the same in both - Murderous Rage!Will Pawar turn the other cheek? Is it true that the thappad -giver, Harvinder Singh, is being wooed by Bollywood for a 'Singh is King' sequel? More slaps, please, we r desis!' she tweeted.

Ranvir Shorey wrote: 'To all the MPs condemning the slap: Why this Slap-a-Worry :Da!'

Vishal Dadlani updated: 'Violence against crooked politicians isn't the solution. Right thought-process, wrong method. TAKE THE POWER BACK!!'

Shabana Azmi tweeted: 'The assault on Sharad Pawar is to be condemned in the strongest terms possible. Is there no room for sane debate left?'

Shekhar Kapur criticized the attack as well: 'Slapping Minister Pawar is no way 2 protest, attacker needs 2 b in jail, bt silly of congress 2 blame BJP for incident.'

Farhan Akhtar tweeted: 'This sort of a self-gratifying vigilante act is the result of a citizen frustrated about his troubles not being recognised. The policy makers need to wake up. It is a symptom of how rotten things can get and how desperate people have become. It was an unjustified act of aggression and so is the demonstration of loyalty being shown on the streets.'

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