Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sharad Pawar slapped: Attacker Harvinder Sing says 'they are all thieves, I will rip them apart'

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  • Shubhashish:  Harwinder Singh slaps Sharad Pawar. The minister takes out Rajnigandha, puts it in his mouth and says, "Ek se mera kya hoga?  

  • Shirish Kunder: SlapMan reveals he slapped Sharad Pawar on his cheek only to make him symmetrical.  

  • Sidhuisms:  Sharad Pawar got slapped by Harvinder Singh... Goodness gracious me!  

  • Tanmay Bhat: Ouch, somebody slapped Sharad Pawar so hard that it looks like one half of his face totally got......oh wait.

Dear Harvinder Singh: Please slap PoonamPandey because like Mr. Pawar, she also has fake assets

Sharad Pawar slapped: Attacker Harvinder Sing says 'they are all thieves, I will rip them apart'

On hearing that Sharad Pawar got slapped for food inflation, the Petroleum Minister must have quickly ordered off a full-face helmet.

Sharad pawar has the face that launched thousand slaps. This has become everyone fight everyone now

Someone slapped Sharad Pawar? On his face or did they just slap a corruption case on him?

Sharad Pawar was slapped, but the 15 layers of fat prevented slap from reaching his face

Sharad Pawar got slapped eh? Now does he have a straight face?

There's a keeping a 'straight face' joke in there, somewhere. Delhi: Youth slaps Sharad Pawar at NDMC centre

Delhi youth reportedly yelled "Slappin' da face, myaan!" before slapping Sharad Pawar.

This isn't about Harvinder Singh being a hero as much as it is about Sharad Pawar being a villain.

Just thinking :- Sharad Pawar ko 1 chata mara to market 100 points up from low.. 2-3 maara hota to..!!! lol

Why are people making such a huge deal about Sharad Pawar being slapped? There is a 1:1 probability that he didn't even feel it.

Price of tomato: Sharad Pawar slapped in a programme organised by IFFCO. Thappad se kaam naheen chalega. Ectoral defeats hurt them more.

Sharad Pawar is the one and only winner of "India's minute to win it". He participated and now owns entire India.

Rahul Dravid completes 13,000 test runs! and Sharad Pawar got slapped by harvinder Singh ! What a great day for cricket!! :) 

Sharad Pawar to India - 'We should fight corruption with an iron fist'. Harwinder Singh took it seriously. Politely responded with a slap!

Anna Hazare: Was Pawar slapped just once? (video)

A toast to Harvinder Singh for slapping Sharad Pawar. Pleasure to watch, re-watch :)

Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar was on Thursday slapped by a youth at a public function, who claimed that he was angry with corruption and price rise.

Pawar, 71, who went to a literary function at a public auditorium on Parliament Street, was slapped by Harvinder Singh, a transporter in his thirties who had assaulted former telecom minister Sukhram outside a court on Saturday after he was sentenced in a corruption case.

Pawar lost his balance but remained unperturbed after the assault. He moved towards the exit of the auditorium and got into his waiting car.

Private security guards immediately overpowered the youth, who was shouting "he is corrupt", and an official landed some blows on Singh.

"I came planned to the event to slap the minister," Singh told reporters.

"All of them are corrupt," he shouted when he was removed by security and policemen.

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