Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Most Shameless Person in India? Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh as per Economist!! and WSJ

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Most Shameless Person in India? Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh as per Economist and Wall Street Journal (WSJ)!!

See text:
A LESSER man might have quit by now. Even Manmohan Singh’s fabled ability to endure humiliation is being tested. That the prime minister defers to his political boss and head of the ruling Congress party, Sonia Gandhi, is widely accepted. That he is undercut by colleagues, including Mrs Gandhi, who are still sceptical about his liberalising reforms, looks increasingly hard for him to swallow. Tougher yet for a man of personal integrity is that he is presiding over such widespread and outrageous corruption. Nor can it be easy for him to accept that, despite an emphatic re-election in 2009, his government has passed no substantial laws.


India's policy makers may not admit it, but they are stumbling into stagflation. The right way out of this mess is for Mr. Singh to drive growth through reforms and for Mr. Subbarao to maintain stable prices. It's bad enough that India's prime minister appears to have abdicated his responsibility, but its central banker will make things worse if he tries to compensate for Mr. Singh's failings.

India’s political paralysis

Gasping for breath

Short of authority and direction, India’s rulers flail in the face of growing problems


India Revisits the '70s

The central bank risks stagflation by loosening to stimulate growth.


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