Friday, December 30, 2011

Pictures: BEST Amul advertisements in 2011

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Amul's advertisements have touched the hearts of millions of Indians since decades. 

Amul's illustrious advertisement journey began in 1966, when the company approached Sylvester daCunha to design a new ad campaign for Amul Butter.

He designed an ad campaign with a series of hoardings with smart and witty topical ads. The ads became an instant hit.
Today, Amul, the largest food brand in India with an annual turnover of $2.2 billion in 2010-11, has the distinction of running longest running ad campaign in the world.
Manish Jhaveri has been writing the scripts for these hoardings since 1995.

Tribute to Steve Jobs.
Tribute to Steve Jobs - co-founder of Apple (Oct 2011).

90th Birthday of Dr V Kurien on 26.11.11.
Father of the White Revolution, The Milkman of India and Architect of Operation Flood (Nov 2011).

Kingfisher Airlines' crisis.
Leading airline (Kingfisher Airlines)  in a financial crisis (Nov 2011).

2G Spectrum scam.
A solution being sought for the 2G Spectrum scam (September 2011).

Ad on social media screening.
Central minister seeks social media screening (Dec 2011).

Row over FDI in retail sector.
Controversy over FDI in the retail sector (Dec 2011).

Salman Rushdie's Facebook a/c deactivated.
Social networking site, Facebook deactivated famous author's (Salman Rushdie) account in November 2011 suspecting he was an imposter. Later, Facebook apologised and reinstated his account.

The BEST Amul advertisements in 2011

world's cheapest tablet.
Government rolls out world's cheapest tablet 'Aakash' in October 2011.

Steve Job resigns.
Iconic Apple head Steve Job resigns (August 2011).

Downgrading of US credit rating.
Downgrading of US credit rating (Aug 2011).

Agitation to recover black money.
Agitation to recover black money and bring it back to the country (June 2011).

3D Animation film 'KUNG FU PANDA 2' (June 2011).

Airlines' strike.
An ad during the airlines' strike (May 2011).

Bugging of Finance Minister's office.
Reported case of bugging the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee's office (June 2011).

Ad based on a TV commercial.
Amul ad based on an TV commercial (March 2011).

Ad on Union Budget .
Amul ad based on the Union Budget (March 2011).

No TV Day in Mumbai .
A leading publication promoting 'No TV Day' in Mumbai (January 2011).

Ad on inflation.
Amul ad shows the unaffordable rise in vegetable prices (January 2011).

Amul, sponsor of the Netherlands cricket team.
Amul is the official sponsor of the Netherlands cricket team (Feb 2011).

No end to scams.
Farewell to 2010 the year full of scams (Jan 2011).

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