Monday, January 30, 2012

Shirish Kunder 'slap jokes' go viral on Twitter (HT)

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Dear Shirish Kunder, Kha.One Regards, Shah Rukh Khan. After Shah Rukh Khan beat up Farah Khan's husband Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt's bash, twitter world is abuzz with similar jokes on the Joker director. While Farah and Shirish trend worldwide, SRK is conspicuous by his absence. Here're the jokes.

@MTVIndia: Dear Shirish Kunder, Kha.One Regards, Shah Rukh Khan.

@fayesalins: Shahrukh should be scared. Farah Khan looks like she can slap really hard!

@mohit_ak: So wait did Shirish Kunder say "thapad se dar nahi lagta sahib, farah khan se lagta he"

@mesushovan: Magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes Peru. Seems Ra.One 2 n #Don2 3's shootings have begun together there. After Farah Khan's hubby was caressed.

@9XMHaqSe: Farah Khan 's Joker gets slapped by @iamsrk . Silly says >> The Real Tees Maar Khan please stand up please stand up;) #bollywood

@Varun_G_10: Shouldn't SRK trend as well! After all he made the effort to slap Shirish Kunder i.e., Farah Khan's wife oops i means husband ;)

SRK during the afterparty of Filmfare awards, Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder (file photo)

@GulabiAakhien_ I've always felt that Farah Khan was the man in their relationship. Kal yeh baat prove ho gayi. Husband slapped, wife registers case.

@chin80: Shirish Kunder was bored of the tag "Farah Khan's husband". So he allowed SRK to slap him. New tag: "The guy who was slapped by SRK"

@Sinhageet: Farah Khan's next Film to be realsed-: TAPPAD KA RAAZ

@Stylee_Icon: even on twitter Shirish Kunder is trending as Farah Khan's __ u can fill in d blanks..poor guy... Noone knows him :(

@Deepakpal: Shahrukh Khan slapped Farah Khan's husband Shirish Kunder for some god knows why reasons. I think it is nice if later slaps former!!!!!!!!

@DonnQP: Shah Rukh Khan beats up Farah Khan's husband: An irritated Khan then allegedly pinned Shirish to a sofa and punched and abused him.

@sanghamitra24: Ok now Farah Khan's is also trending - high time, after all Shirish Kunder is more famous as Farah Khan's husband than anything else!

@prashant_dracus: This is the only way Shirish Kunder, Farah Khan's Husband, could have trended on twitter! Getting a slap from SRK! Dumb guy seriously. LMFAO

@kamaalrkhan: If I can understand via news and statement of Farah khan ji then SRK and Sanju Baba ne milkar bechare Shirish Kunder ko peeta hai.

@diogeneb: With his swollen face, Shirish Kunder will now come out with 'Being Hanuman' t-shirts

@CilemaSnob: After two back to back duds, Shirish Kunder finally has a Hit. Congrats. You have arrived!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

#AwesomeIndianThings : Top views!!

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Amit Sharma
#AwesomeIndianThings is now trending at #1 worldwide. It's amazing what we Indians can long as the Chinese are not participating.

#AwesomeIndianThings Different language spoken every 100 kms

Keshav Naidu
#AwesomeIndianThings Same Language Subtitling

Sophinaa ღ
#AwesomeIndianThings must say the weddings and parties are pretty awesome :P

Nakul Patel
The food. The culture. The country. #AwesomeIndianThings

#AwesomeIndianThings Chappal Marungi Campaign.

Amit Sharma
#AwesomeIndianThings When u tell ur parents u got 98%, and they ask u what happened to the other 2%

Nimish Dubey
#AwesomeIndianThings Roads, diversions and shortcuts that defy every GPS and navigation tool built.

Advait Thakur
#AwesomeIndianThings Pure Veg

NutAshes: Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai.

I can think of a thousand NOT #AwesomeIndianThings and yet love this crazy country with it's warts and all. Jai Hind.

Hospitality. Even if you enter the poorest persons home. Atiti Dev Bhavo! #AwesomeIndianThings

#AwesomeIndianThings Our cricket team. World cup winners and then lose 8 consecutive tests away from home.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rahul "The Wall" Dravid renamed "The Hole"

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Rahul "The Wall"  Dravid renamed "The Hole"... after being BOWLED 6 times in 8 innings in the India-Australia 4 match test series (Border Gavaskar trophy) in 2011-2012

Rahul Dravid Then vs Now!!
Rahul Dravid retiring, we should at least have a road named after him in his honour. Wait, we already have one - Wall Street.

S Rajesh
A terrible series for Dravid... 194 runs, and no catches for the first time in a series of 3 or more Tests

Poor Dravid needs a golden handshake. Like many others in the team.

Sidin Vadukut
Rahul Dravid should call a press conference. And announce Tendulkar's retirement. Without warning. Fun fun fun.

MTV India
If Rahul Dravid retires, the team of 11 men will be left without a gentleman. #respect

Harsha Bhogle
can see why i could never be a news journo. one day dravid retires,one day sehwag to be captain...and stupid me still searching for proof!!

G Rajaraman
Rahul Dravid has averaged 50.20, 76.83 and 63.80 in the three Test series preceding Australia (24.24). We seem to mostly ignore logic

After four test matches we want to get rid of dhoni, dravid and laxman! Wish we had similar benchmarks for non performing politicans

Friday, January 27, 2012

Why the Indian Cricket team is back Delhi!!

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Nimish Dubey
Rumour: the Indian cricket team has been especially flown in from Australia to take lessons in beating the retreat in Delhi!

Reuters India
India seeks bright future as stars wane

Michael Vaughan
Last 2 away series for India...4-0 4-0 .. With the Batting they have I am amazed...Test cricket needs them to get back to their best..

Q: What is India busy with offlate. A: 'OPPOSING' Jeremy Clarkson, Jay Leno, Salman Rushdie, Kalmadi's exit from IOC and TEST CRICKET

Saturday, January 21, 2012

SOPA Is Dead?

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Ronald Redito
SOPA Is Dead. Now go back to downloading your fave movies =)

Lady Gaga Asian
SOPA Is Dead, but that doesn't mean it's over. Keep your eyes open for #PIPA and other fascist bills. RT if you also want PIPA to die.

Rian costa
SOPA Is Dead. Thank you Obama, now u'll be the next President of USA again... Smart Obama.

Ramesh Srivats
SOPA is dead. So the rest of us can now RIP. Movies and all.

Ronald Redito
SOPA is dead. For now. Good work, Internet.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ex-Miss Universe Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupati give birth to a Baby Princess

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Just heard Bhupati and Lara Dutta had a baby girl. Hoping doctors managed to stop Leander from entering the ward and giving him a chest bump

Tanmay Bhat
Congratulations to Mahesh Bhupati. Not for the baby or anything, but just for the fact that he got Lara Dutta pregnant. Bhupati 1, Paes 0.

Lara Dutta refused a role in Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, but turned the part down because she didn't like the scrip

My friends,Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi are proud parents of a baby girl!!Saira Bhupathi Welcome Angel!!

Which came first- chicken or egg.... or Facebook!!

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Which came first- chicken or egg.... or Facebook!!

Aish n Lara dutta..... Both beauty queens blessed with baby grls.

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Aish n Lara dutta..... Both beauty queens blessed with baby grls. We got New Miss Universe n Miss World :-D

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Virginity vs iPhone

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Will Ferrel Parody
We live in a world where losing your iPhone is more dramatic than losing your virginity.

Allyson Wonderland
Rihanna - Watch n' Learn makes me wanna lose my virginity on somebodies dance floor.

Perrie Edwards✌
"Dear 12 year old, I may still have my virginity - unlike some people - but at least I've also got my pride.." this.

SᵃᵐSᵒᶰ SᵒSˡᵉᵉK -SSK™
Some girls are so bent on keeping their virginity...even Moses can't part their legs

✰Jada Stevens✰
I lost my virginity but I still have the box it came in 

º♡αяιɛℓ cʋρκακɛ ♡º
When I was your age, I lost my toys, not my virginity. I blow bubbles, not boys & the only drug I had was the doctor's medicine.

Brittany Shaniece 
Now a days saving your virginity for someone "special" is like holding a dump to wait for a special toilet -___-

What's the difference between virginity and keys? There's a good chance Justin Bieber has lost his keys before.

Intriguing Fact
In Bhutan a younger brother is not allowed to lose his virginity before his older brother.

SAVE a Virgin.. do ME instead!!

A lot of women lost der virginity in fear of being ''Frigid'' loooool

Wikipedia blackout is like Fox News!!

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Andy Daglas
The Wikipedia blackout presents a horrifying picture of a world with no knowledge. So does the Fox News website, which is running normally.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kozhikode-bound passengers land in Kochi airport- learn why!!

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Rude shock for Kozhikode-bound passengers as pilot lands in Kochi airport

Learn why


The Alliance Air pilot probably couldn't pronounce Kozhikode, so he said, "F*ck It. I'll land it in Kochi instead. Same thing.

manu prasad 

Kozhikode has an IIM. Kochi has an IIPM. Pilots need to look for a gigantic pony-tailed billboard. Easy right?

 Vaibhav Vishal 

Alliance Air pilot who confused Kochi with Kozhikode off to Kota to refresh his geography. Lots kochi institutes there.

Ramesh Srivats 
An Alliance Air pilot walks into a bar....ber shop 2 kms from a bar.

The UnReal Times 

Could have been worse...What if the Alliance Air pilot had landed in Kandahar instead of Kozhikode

Rituparna Chatterjee 

Mamata thinks Bangladesh shares border with Pak, Alliance Air pilot mistakes Kochi for Kozhikode. Boundaries are passe

Harvey Birdman 

Rename Kozhikode to East Dubai and call it quits

Vaibhav Vishal 

When it was Calicut, it sounded like Calcutta. It is now calledKozhikode, but is confused with Kochi. They should just nuke the place.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Behenji " Priyanka Gandhi" will win the election?

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Ramesh Srivats
Somebody told Rahul Gandhi that Behenji will win the election. He misunderstood and got in Priyanka Gandhi.

Ash Dubey
For many Indian 'journos' Priyanka Gandhi is already a "Charismatic" campaigner without ev1 actually entering politics :P

Priyanka Gandhi exposure 2UP will take away her whatever sheen before she 'fully' take plunge in taking reign of family business-namely Cong

Rαjdeep Chαkrαborty
President Sonia Gandhi And Prime Minister Priyanka Gandhi Receive Italian Prime Minister Rahul Gandh

What iZ The Similarity Between Priyanka Gandhi And Fiat UNO? Do you Know? Both Are Made By Indians With Italian Support.

lindsay pereira
So, on some days she's Priyanka Vadra. On others, Priyanka Gandhi. Does she toss a coin to decide?

I hoped Congress leaders don't mind Sonia being called Sonia Maino when they continue with Priyanka Gandhi instead of Priyanka Vadra

MTV India
Priyanka Gandhi trending just below The Descendants. Coincidence?

She is the Brahm'astra of Congress party. Priyanka Gandhi hits campaign trail in UP

When the Indian army chief is mad...

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Prakash Singh
Army Chief controversy : Reasons: Politics in Army hierarchy, Chief JJ Singh's conspiracy, Bureaucracy's cussedness, Anthony's incompetence.

Shiv Aroor
Forget Army Chief, the army's poor Bofors guns are planning to move Supreme Court saying they are too old to be in service.

Rohan Joshi
When the Indian army chief is mad, he takes the government to court. When the Pakistani army chief is mad, he just takes the government.

Sumeet Verified ✔
#UPA is more interested in our Army Chief's age documents. Will they pls make public all the degree certificates of that 5th pass & buddhu?

Rajdeep Sardesai
The original DOB (Derek o'brien) wants me to switch off the fake DOB (date of birth) controversy. Ok! Gnight

Marie Gold
DOB is the new 'Honour, Integrity, Izzat! Whatever... I'm sorry I just don't get it!

Why Indian Cricket team is jealous of Sania Mirza?

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Ramesh Srivats
Sania Mirza loses her first match in the Australian Open and exits. While our cricket team looks on jealously.

Lucky Sania Mirza. Now she can join Dhoni's boys on that Big Bus tour of Sydney.

CD Waale
First cricket. Now, Sania Mirza crashes out of Australian Open. Racist attacks of 2010 revisited down under.

Indian team whitewashed. Sania Mirza out in first round. Australia sure doing a fine job of maintaining reputations.

Fake News
Sania Mirza out in the first round of #AustralianOpen. It's OK. The next round was of #SaniaOpen with Sohrab where she was not out & banged.

MTV India
Sania Mirza blames first round exit from #AustralianOpen on Yuvraj Singh's inability to recover in time.

Sania Mirza out in the first round of the #AustralianOpen. It's OK. It just wasn't her day...since years.

I think now the only way we will hear some good news about Sania Mirza is when Shoaib Malik does something.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Forget MS Dhoni, can we just ban the 4th test match?

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Forget MS Dhoni, can we just ban the 4th test match?

<*..LATEST..*> 'Ms_DHONI Forced Zaheer_Khan To Tell Them 'Who Are Indians.."*

Gambhir Fan Club
MS Dhoni missing as India prefer sight-seeing

MS Dhoni rewarded for slow over rate... give rest!

Rofl Indian 
Is MS Dhoni the most over rated captain?

With MS Dhoni trending worldwide... Americans must be thinking its a new version of MS Office.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crack the code!!

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Before scrolling down, just give it a couple of mins…

Exercise your grey cells…

India down but not out...... yet!

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India down but not out...... yet!

For anyone following India Australia match... you understand!


Cong loses both Hindu and Muslim votes in UP? read how!

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Subramanian Swamy
In 24 hours Congress has lost both the Muslim and Hindu votes. Khurshid blew it on Hindus, and PC on the Muslims, all over the Batla issue.

Dr. Manish Kumar
Cong does a self goal-Cong disowns Salman Khurshid & Digvijaya on 9% minority res.& Batla House. Its seems UP election is over for congress.

Shiv Mishra
This man was upset wid Ramdev's stand on Batla House.So he was aware of the fact that Ramdev would talk about Batla house in his press conf.

Jaymin Panchal
y'day was news tht CONG internal report mentioned Muslims not supporting CONG as they thought | hence Batla house name used for BRD issue

Kamal Siddiqui tried to thrown ink at baba Ramdev to protest against the remarks of his that Batla House encounter was genuine

Devinder Sharma
Digvijay rakes up old case of Batla House encounter, n some TV channels devote prog on it; How long will politics continue to drive news?

Sunanda Vashisht
Batla was not a fake encounter. The face off between Digvijay and Chidambaram sure is a 'fake encounter'

saurabh srivastava
PC & MMS shld resign 4 lying, as Rahul Gandhi accepts that Batla encounter was fake & such incidents shldn't B allowed.

Friday, January 13, 2012

"David Warner scores first ever 1,000 in Tests." ?

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So, Ishant and Kohli sledge David Warner. Then, Warner takes Ishant to the cleaners. And finally, Kohli drops Warner. Sweet.

Abhinav Chandel
David Warner, i have switched on the tv to watch you hit few sixes. Please whack sehwag and zaheer for some. Please.

Dominic Knight
So in four Tests, David Warner's already carried his bat once and scored the fourth fastest century ever. What next?

India Today
Future of Indian cricket bleak: Warner

Sourav Ganguly
David Warner says - "Future of Indian cricket is bleak" ...... We say, Bring Back Ganguly!

From the looks of it, David Warner hasn't just taken a leaf out of Sehwag's book. He has taken Sehwag's book.

The Australian
Warner races to record ton: AUSTRALIAN opener David Warner has smashed the fifth-fastest century in history

Alternative Cricket 

"David Warner scores first ever 500 in Tests." - Tomorrow's headlines.

Umpire or Virat Kohli .. who will raise finger first?

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Faking News
13 overs remaining, if we can't have umpire's finger going up, can we have Virat Kohli's at least?

Gaurav Julka
Hello Virat Kohli, At least you are doing something, somewhere even if its Twitter!

So Virat Kohli "best Indian fielder" at 1st slip for Rahul Dravid who is off the field drops a regulation edge. Dravid not being missed

n jayakumar
European downgrades by rating agencies - equivalent to a Virat Kohli comment that "things are not going India's way"

Someone PLZ remind Australia that India is the best team on paper...

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kunal kohli
Someone remind Australia we're the best team on paper.Maybe if they see our records they'll get scared.Theyre treating us like a club team

Someone PLZ remind Australia that India is the best team on paper... we are Paper Tigers!

kunal kohli
Since the Sydney test australia have scored 800+ runs for 1 wicket.Warners also scored the fastest 100 by an opener 69balls.

"If you're worried about the World ending today, don't. Its already tomorrow in Australia" ~Charles Schulz

ESPN Cricinfo
Ishant and Kohli's sledge to Warner: "Wait till you come to India". So they've given up on this series then?

Poonam Pandey
#BreakingNews: 11 Indians assaulted in Australia with 6 stumps and a ball.” ye lo" lol :P

Australia should say sorry for Indonesia stunt ...
and for the raping the India national cricket team


Jesus in the Twitter Era

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Jesus to humans:
No I am NOT talking about Twitter
I literally want you to Follow Me!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thinking about memories with my Ex ...

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Men's Humor
Thinking about memories with my Ex makes me look forward to Alzheimers


Monday, January 9, 2012

Never been kissed? Here's a solution

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Forever Single
You've never been kissed on the following holidays: New Years, Christmas, Valentine's Day...or any day for that matter.

Never been kissed? Here's a solution::

Sunday, January 8, 2012

How #ABestFriend scolds you!!

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Mahi ♥
#ABestFriend scolds at you like a father, cares for you like a mother, protects you like a brother and teases you like a sister.

Students of Hogwarts
Sometimes, you can fall in love with

Gregory Jamal King
#ABestFriend always looks out for you no matter what!!!!!!!!

ets do this poo
#ABestFriend who laughs when you fall over, instead of helping you.”

Tasha Mack
#abestfriend should never be the reason why you and your partner argue or break up.

#ABestFriend can tell your hurt on the inside even though your smiling on the outside

things we all do.
#ABestFriend Will come over to your house bearing; chocolate, paracetamol and loads of Hugh Grant movies as soon as she hears you're on.

♥Sara MJ Rooney
#ABestFriend will tell you the truth,even though your feelings may get hurt sometime.

#ABestFriend won't get mad at you over your Eminem obsession, they'll obsess with you
I love the way that I can smile at my best friend and they know exactly what I'm thinking.

Sabrina Rivera
#ABestFriend Doesn't Mess With Any Of Your Ex's!

Ben Rivera
Your girlfriend or boyfriend should also be #abestfriend someone you can tell anything and everything to

khlo †
#abestfriend is someone who know's how insane you are, yet still likes you
A true friend is someone who see's the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes the smile on your face.

Lou Brutus
#ABestFriend Will go to your home after you pass away, console your family and then go to your computer to delete the Browser History.

♛ ΛBDO ♛
A good friend knows all your best stories, #ABestFriend lived them with you as they happened.

#BeingGujju: top tweets

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Mrs. Chulbul Pandey
#BeingGujju: Ordering one drink and taking 10 photos with it in different poses. Album on fb- "Last night, SLOSHéD!"

Jaydip Parikh
#BeingGujju save character from 140 also.

Arjun Sankalia
#beinggujju you look forward to having Thai, Mexican, Italian and undhiyu at your cousin's wedding

Nirwa Mehta
#beinggujju, we belong to land of Gandhi as per our convenience.

God Save India
#BeingGujju - You know you're Gujju, When your food sounds like weapons, Fefla, Dhokla, Thepla, Khakhra, Gathiya & Fafda.

#BeingGujju Eat.. Eat.. Eat... Break.. Eat.. Eat.. Eat... Break.. Eat.. Eat.. Eat... Break.. Eat.. Eat.. Eat... Break..

#BeingGujju : Having 1000 contacts in your cellphone ending with 'bhai'

Wills the Dopey
#BeingGujju Even your wife is called "Ben"

#BeingGujju : Using an iPhone but not knowing how to change the ring tone.

Mr Anonymous™
#BeingGujju Losing virginity during Navratri.

#BeingGujju: Treating Dandiya Nights as your very own 'Sunburn Gujarat'

#BeingGujju : Asking for Jain food at a Non Veg restaurant in Singapore.

#BeingGujju : Constantly competing to be fatter than your refrigerator.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Difference between Nerd, Dork, and Geek Explained by a Venn Diagram

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 The Difference between Nerd, Dork, and Geek Explained by a Venn Diagram

By Great White Snark

Nerd Dork Geek Venn Diagram

Homeless people in UP to have Mayawati shaped haircut

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Raja DiggVijay $ingh
Thank God that #Mayawati's election symbol is not donkey or EC would force us to cover RahulG!

Rajdeep Sardesai
Mayawati's statues to be covered during elections says EC. Can we have elections every month in UP? Gnight.

Faking News
Breaking News: Homeless people in UP to have Mayawati shaped haircut to get cover

Fine, you can veil Ms. Mayawati's statues. But what about Ms. Mayawati herself. Will she be also forced to wear a veil till polling day?

sudhir tailang
Instead of her statues , If Mayawati had developed a passion for her caricatures-- I wud hv become a billionaire.

Sorabh Pant
Mayawati's statues will be covered for the UP elections, simultaneously causing thousands of pigeons extreme constipation.

Ramesh Srivats
#AwardWinningIdea from @anuradha_kush on how to beat Mayawati. 1. Start a new party. 2. Get the election symbol: Woman with handbag. 3. Win.

Faking News
To give a befitting reply to those who complained to EC, Mayawati should cover her statues with garland of notes.

Faking News
All Mayawati and Elephant statues will be covered. Stupid decision; elephants don't wear clothes.

Someday we will see picture of Mayawati Inagurating her Statue of her inaugurating her Statue at Madame Tussaud

So Mayawati Sacks MLA for being Corrupt. BJP gives him Ticket. I love the way BJP fights corruption

BJP Diary : We still need few more strong candidates can't Behan Mayawati expel some more MLA's and oblige us Eagarly awaiting Bhai Lalji

Friday, January 6, 2012

BJP did the right thing by admitting Kushwaha. (Faking news)

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Faking News
BJP did the right thing by admitting Kushwaha. At least people have noticed that the party is fighting UP elections.

Sunanda Vashisht
Is the so called "revolt in BJP" over Kushwaha happening only in NDTV studios?

NDTV Headline: "Taint no bar" (Abt Kushwaha)... Could well apply to @ndtv employees... @bdutt and Co.

Arindam to Congress: "Dare to think beyond Kushwaha, think Amar Singh" ....

Shiv Aroor
Kushwaha a whistleblower? Ok, Shakti Kapoor is a women's rights activist.

If Kushwaha is Whistle-Blower, Veerappan was a Wild-Life Conservist

"We welcomed Kushwaha into BJP in the capacity of a whistleblower ~ Yashwant Sinha" - Now Raja/Kalmadi can also Join them

Kiran Kumar S
"Secularism": BJP giving a mere membership to 'tainted' Kushwaha is national news,but Congress making a MURDER accused Majid as mayor isn't!

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