Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bajaj RE60 launched!! Instant reviews ;)

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Sidin Vadukut
But it is a very cheap car to be stuck in traffic in. And you can always pick it up and board a local when you get frustrated.

Saw the Bajaj RE60. Hai government, the country doesn't need more IITs or IIMs. We could do with a few dozen NIDs though.

Just saw pictures of the Bajaj RE60. Oh look, Maruti Suzuki, there is an uglier car than the Ritz.

Before Women Get Ready, one can assemble a Bajaj RE60

Nissan Sunny: Its not a car. Its a CAAAR! | Bajaj RE60: Its not a car. Its..erm..an auto.

Shiv Aroor
Bajaj RE60 is what you get when Scorpio and WagonR decide to have a child.

Rofl Indian
Serious design flaw. They need to install digital fare meters & luggage carriers on the Bajaj RE60. And give away khaki uniforms to buyers.

Srinivas Narne
Till now I hated nano for its loathsome size, design and features. But after the release of Bajaj RE60, I'm starting to love Nano!

Prasad Naik
I thought the Bajaj RE60 was going to be a proper car but it's a 4-wheeled rickshaw.

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