Monday, January 16, 2012

Behenji " Priyanka Gandhi" will win the election?

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Ramesh Srivats
Somebody told Rahul Gandhi that Behenji will win the election. He misunderstood and got in Priyanka Gandhi.

Ash Dubey
For many Indian 'journos' Priyanka Gandhi is already a "Charismatic" campaigner without ev1 actually entering politics :P

Priyanka Gandhi exposure 2UP will take away her whatever sheen before she 'fully' take plunge in taking reign of family business-namely Cong

Rαjdeep Chαkrαborty
President Sonia Gandhi And Prime Minister Priyanka Gandhi Receive Italian Prime Minister Rahul Gandh

What iZ The Similarity Between Priyanka Gandhi And Fiat UNO? Do you Know? Both Are Made By Indians With Italian Support.

lindsay pereira
So, on some days she's Priyanka Vadra. On others, Priyanka Gandhi. Does she toss a coin to decide?

I hoped Congress leaders don't mind Sonia being called Sonia Maino when they continue with Priyanka Gandhi instead of Priyanka Vadra

MTV India
Priyanka Gandhi trending just below The Descendants. Coincidence?

She is the Brahm'astra of Congress party. Priyanka Gandhi hits campaign trail in UP


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