Sunday, January 8, 2012

#BeingGujju: top tweets

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Mrs. Chulbul Pandey
#BeingGujju: Ordering one drink and taking 10 photos with it in different poses. Album on fb- "Last night, SLOSHéD!"

Jaydip Parikh
#BeingGujju save character from 140 also.

Arjun Sankalia
#beinggujju you look forward to having Thai, Mexican, Italian and undhiyu at your cousin's wedding

Nirwa Mehta
#beinggujju, we belong to land of Gandhi as per our convenience.

God Save India
#BeingGujju - You know you're Gujju, When your food sounds like weapons, Fefla, Dhokla, Thepla, Khakhra, Gathiya & Fafda.

#BeingGujju Eat.. Eat.. Eat... Break.. Eat.. Eat.. Eat... Break.. Eat.. Eat.. Eat... Break.. Eat.. Eat.. Eat... Break..

#BeingGujju : Having 1000 contacts in your cellphone ending with 'bhai'

Wills the Dopey
#BeingGujju Even your wife is called "Ben"

#BeingGujju : Using an iPhone but not knowing how to change the ring tone.

Mr Anonymous™
#BeingGujju Losing virginity during Navratri.

#BeingGujju: Treating Dandiya Nights as your very own 'Sunburn Gujarat'

#BeingGujju : Asking for Jain food at a Non Veg restaurant in Singapore.

#BeingGujju : Constantly competing to be fatter than your refrigerator.


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