Friday, January 6, 2012

BJP did the right thing by admitting Kushwaha. (Faking news)

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Faking News
BJP did the right thing by admitting Kushwaha. At least people have noticed that the party is fighting UP elections.

Sunanda Vashisht
Is the so called "revolt in BJP" over Kushwaha happening only in NDTV studios?

NDTV Headline: "Taint no bar" (Abt Kushwaha)... Could well apply to @ndtv employees... @bdutt and Co.

Arindam to Congress: "Dare to think beyond Kushwaha, think Amar Singh" ....

Shiv Aroor
Kushwaha a whistleblower? Ok, Shakti Kapoor is a women's rights activist.

If Kushwaha is Whistle-Blower, Veerappan was a Wild-Life Conservist

"We welcomed Kushwaha into BJP in the capacity of a whistleblower ~ Yashwant Sinha" - Now Raja/Kalmadi can also Join them

Kiran Kumar S
"Secularism": BJP giving a mere membership to 'tainted' Kushwaha is national news,but Congress making a MURDER accused Majid as mayor isn't!


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