Saturday, January 7, 2012

Homeless people in UP to have Mayawati shaped haircut

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Raja DiggVijay $ingh
Thank God that #Mayawati's election symbol is not donkey or EC would force us to cover RahulG!

Rajdeep Sardesai
Mayawati's statues to be covered during elections says EC. Can we have elections every month in UP? Gnight.

Faking News
Breaking News: Homeless people in UP to have Mayawati shaped haircut to get cover

Fine, you can veil Ms. Mayawati's statues. But what about Ms. Mayawati herself. Will she be also forced to wear a veil till polling day?

sudhir tailang
Instead of her statues , If Mayawati had developed a passion for her caricatures-- I wud hv become a billionaire.

Sorabh Pant
Mayawati's statues will be covered for the UP elections, simultaneously causing thousands of pigeons extreme constipation.

Ramesh Srivats
#AwardWinningIdea from @anuradha_kush on how to beat Mayawati. 1. Start a new party. 2. Get the election symbol: Woman with handbag. 3. Win.

Faking News
To give a befitting reply to those who complained to EC, Mayawati should cover her statues with garland of notes.

Faking News
All Mayawati and Elephant statues will be covered. Stupid decision; elephants don't wear clothes.

Someday we will see picture of Mayawati Inagurating her Statue of her inaugurating her Statue at Madame Tussaud

So Mayawati Sacks MLA for being Corrupt. BJP gives him Ticket. I love the way BJP fights corruption

BJP Diary : We still need few more strong candidates can't Behan Mayawati expel some more MLA's and oblige us Eagarly awaiting Bhai Lalji


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