Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kozhikode-bound passengers land in Kochi airport- learn why!!

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Rude shock for Kozhikode-bound passengers as pilot lands in Kochi airport

Learn why


The Alliance Air pilot probably couldn't pronounce Kozhikode, so he said, "F*ck It. I'll land it in Kochi instead. Same thing.

manu prasad 

Kozhikode has an IIM. Kochi has an IIPM. Pilots need to look for a gigantic pony-tailed billboard. Easy right?

 Vaibhav Vishal 

Alliance Air pilot who confused Kochi with Kozhikode off to Kota to refresh his geography. Lots kochi institutes there.

Ramesh Srivats 
An Alliance Air pilot walks into a bar....ber shop 2 kms from a bar.

The UnReal Times 

Could have been worse...What if the Alliance Air pilot had landed in Kandahar instead of Kozhikode

Rituparna Chatterjee 

Mamata thinks Bangladesh shares border with Pak, Alliance Air pilot mistakes Kochi for Kozhikode. Boundaries are passe

Harvey Birdman 

Rename Kozhikode to East Dubai and call it quits

Vaibhav Vishal 

When it was Calicut, it sounded like Calcutta. It is now calledKozhikode, but is confused with Kochi. They should just nuke the place.

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