Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Madhya Pradesh's ban of cow slaughter...

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Ramesh Srivats
All the goats and chicken in Madhya Pradesh are asking - Why do gais have all the fun?

Rofl Indian
Now instead of 'coward', they'll use the word 'goatard' for describing sissies in Madhya Pradesh.

Srinivas Narne
7 years for slaughtering one cow in Madhya Pradesh? "MP ajab hai! Aur bilkul Ghajab nahi hai!"

Srinivas Narne
Every chicken and lamb in Madhya Pradesh would be feeling bad for not being a cow!

amol dhurve
A tiger jailed in madhya pradesh ... For cow slaughter.. :)

Kiran Kumar S
Do you know that you can get arrested in Florida, USA, for selling horse meat? Florida also a Madhya Pradesh? :)

Sidin Vadukut
Did the MP government first talk to all steak holders?



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