Thursday, January 5, 2012

offer of £100m for Gust O'Wind, who assisted Tim Howard's goal

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 Stupid Football 

Tim Howard has scored more goals in 2012 than Luis Suarez, Robin Van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres put together. Fact.

Dave Holland 

Tim Howard: "I can't take credit for that goal. The wind helped it in."Manchester City are now preparing a 45million bid for the wind,

James Halfpenny 

City have tabled a sensational offer of £100m for Gust O'Wind, who assisted Tim Howard's goal against Bolton.

Opta Joke 

3,197 - The number of Fantasy Football Managers who will replace Fernando Torres with Tim Howard up front this week. Tactical.

Stupid Football 

Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard scored from over 100 yards. Hitting a ball 100 yards? In Stoke that's known as a first touch.

What's the difference between Fernando Torres and Tim Howard?Tim Howard can score.

Joan Chitty 

Transfer news: Chelsea have offered Torres for Tim Howard on a straight swap.

This Tim Howard goal is impossible - the ground is juiced.

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