Friday, January 6, 2012

"Shanti Bhushan: We will STAMP out corruption..."

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 Ramesh Srivats 

Shanti Bhushan: We will STAMP out corruption. | 
Government: Okay okay. But pay the duty first.

amol dhurve 

Shanti Bhushan made Indira gandhi loose election ... congress still hunting the Hunter :)

Piyush Kulshreshtha 

Hohohoho...Shanti Bhushan, anti-corruption crusader fined Rs.27 Lakh for evading Rs.1.35cr Stamp Duty. 

JayHind: Wait.Shanti Bhushan found guilty of stamp duty evasion? Wow! Now he can also join BJP" 

piyush bhatia 

politicians are chors. but they dont lie about it! kejariwal, bedi, shantibhushan lie and cheat too but pretend to be holier than thou!

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