Friday, January 13, 2012

Someone PLZ remind Australia that India is the best team on paper...

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kunal kohli
Someone remind Australia we're the best team on paper.Maybe if they see our records they'll get scared.Theyre treating us like a club team

Someone PLZ remind Australia that India is the best team on paper... we are Paper Tigers!

kunal kohli
Since the Sydney test australia have scored 800+ runs for 1 wicket.Warners also scored the fastest 100 by an opener 69balls.

"If you're worried about the World ending today, don't. Its already tomorrow in Australia" ~Charles Schulz

ESPN Cricinfo
Ishant and Kohli's sledge to Warner: "Wait till you come to India". So they've given up on this series then?

Poonam Pandey
#BreakingNews: 11 Indians assaulted in Australia with 6 stumps and a ball.” ye lo" lol :P

Australia should say sorry for Indonesia stunt ...
and for the raping the India national cricket team




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  1. I watched all three tests.Indians didn't have that fighting spirit.Very lazy and seniors doing just the wrong job.Instead of encouraging youngsters they where slowing things down.I can't believe the way Laxman behaves in the field.Club cricketers are more active.Selectors are trying to respect seniors.Well,seniors did well.Now its time to open doors for youngsters.Presence of these tired,out of form and lazy seniors actually supresss the spirit of youngsters.Remember T20 worldcup.All where fresh and young.Didn't have seniors influence.They had the freedom to play and they did triumph.


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