Monday, January 16, 2012

When the Indian army chief is mad...

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Prakash Singh
Army Chief controversy : Reasons: Politics in Army hierarchy, Chief JJ Singh's conspiracy, Bureaucracy's cussedness, Anthony's incompetence.

Shiv Aroor
Forget Army Chief, the army's poor Bofors guns are planning to move Supreme Court saying they are too old to be in service.

Rohan Joshi
When the Indian army chief is mad, he takes the government to court. When the Pakistani army chief is mad, he just takes the government.

Sumeet Verified ✔
#UPA is more interested in our Army Chief's age documents. Will they pls make public all the degree certificates of that 5th pass & buddhu?

Rajdeep Sardesai
The original DOB (Derek o'brien) wants me to switch off the fake DOB (date of birth) controversy. Ok! Gnight

Marie Gold
DOB is the new 'Honour, Integrity, Izzat! Whatever... I'm sorry I just don't get it!

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