Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Indian Cricket team is jealous of Sania Mirza?

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Ramesh Srivats
Sania Mirza loses her first match in the Australian Open and exits. While our cricket team looks on jealously.

Lucky Sania Mirza. Now she can join Dhoni's boys on that Big Bus tour of Sydney.

CD Waale
First cricket. Now, Sania Mirza crashes out of Australian Open. Racist attacks of 2010 revisited down under.

Indian team whitewashed. Sania Mirza out in first round. Australia sure doing a fine job of maintaining reputations.

Fake News
Sania Mirza out in the first round of #AustralianOpen. It's OK. The next round was of #SaniaOpen with Sohrab where she was not out & banged.

MTV India
Sania Mirza blames first round exit from #AustralianOpen on Yuvraj Singh's inability to recover in time.

Sania Mirza out in the first round of the #AustralianOpen. It's OK. It just wasn't her day...since years.

I think now the only way we will hear some good news about Sania Mirza is when Shoaib Malik does something.



Sania Mirza arrives at Lara Dutta's baby shower at Olive, Mumbai, on December 12, 2011

Sania Mirza mourns Mohammed Ayazuddin's death

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