Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Arnab Goswami, Times Now.. ever realise why no one else talks? becoz u never LET them!!!

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Gabbar singh
Arnab goswami is the Nana patekar of Electronic media.

Biswajeet Rana
Arnab Goswami is a passionate investigator. But I guess CBI would have been apt, not Times Now.

Raul da Vinci
If I were to get a rupee per every word spoken by Arnab Goswami on an average day, I'd make a million a day

Dear Arnab Goswami, cool down. Karnataka minister will forward you the Mysore malligai clip :)

Gunjan Chakrabarty
I often wonder if Boria Majumdar gets his voice training from Arnab Goswami :)

Sreedhar Pillai
Arnab Goswami grilling of Lalit Modi was a good watch on Times Now.

Mohd atif
This arnab goswami is after TRP only now-a-days. Earn-ab Goswami.

Fake IPL Player
Arnab Goswami is asking his correspondent "Why are they not resigning?" Like his correspondent can answer.

Kiran Kumar S
Arnab Goswami asks, in spite of Raja not listening to PM, FM or LM, why was he given a 2nd tenure? Dude.. Ask your colleague Navika :)

Henry Foy
"Mr Chidambaram is glued to television. He is watching Times Now," says Arnab, in the 329th unsourced statement of the morning

Kiran Kumar S
Radia's friends Navika Kumar on Times Now & Barkha Dutt on NDTV talking about #2Gscam is like Azhar & Prabhakar commenting on sports ethics!

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