Saturday, February 18, 2012

Helicopter safe, Amar Singh injured. Such is life

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Helicopter safe, Amar Singh injured. Such is life

Good news > Amar Singh jumps out of helicopter. Bad News > Helicopter was on the ground

Amar Singh jumped off a helicopter that was making emergency landing. No, this is not about Samajwadi Party.

1st Nitin Gadkari n now Amar seems its truly a "fall" winter season goin on now

And it took them 10 long years to cut-paste Narendra Modi's speeches to create a CD?? they should have asked Amar Singh, the veteran.

Amar Singh won't shave-off his beard till he destroys SP in UP & RahulG won't shave-off his beard since he destroys Congress in UP. ;'(
Chopper made an emergency landing near Hamirpur, before chopper could land Amar Singh opened the door and fell: Eyewitness account

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