Monday, February 20, 2012

Kapil Dev is the Digvijay singh of Indian cricket.

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Sachin's shoe-shiner: How dare Kapil Dev ask Sachin sir to hang his boots.

Kapil Dev says Sachin Tendulkar should retire from cricket. I think Kapil Dev should retire from speaking.

The BCCI has taken many ICL players back into the fold. Time they extended that generosity to Kapil Dev.

Kapil Dev is the right person to tell Sachin to retire. He himself stuck around after his due-date for 3 years.

Kapil Dev must quit all Forms of Reminding us how passionately his Team won in 1984.

Kapil Dev seriously shldn't be commenting on who shld be retiring when knowing well how his prolonged retirement screwed up Srinath's career

Kapil Dev is the Digvijay singh of Indian cricket.

Kapil Dev's mammoth cricket career spanned almost five editions of Rapidex English Speaking Course.

Kapil wants Sachin to retire immediately

Kapil Dev played for 11 years after 1983 WC triumph. Wants Sachin to stop playing 11 months after WC2011 triumph

Kapil Dev should announce his retirement with retrospect effect immediately after the 1983 World Cup" - Tendutards

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