Sunday, February 12, 2012

Keanu Reeves resurrected!!

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Stacy Herbert
For third time in past 18 months, Keanu Reeves has died in third twitter hoax

NO! Keanu Reeves is not Dead! At this Rate Twitter will Kill more than Hitler Ever Managed

Sonia Cabano
Keanu Reeves is alive. The website is a fake, and even admits it - disclaimer at bottom of report.

Stacy Herbert
Keanu Reeves dies in snowboarding accident in ad for XXX

Now if Keanu Reeves really wants to troll the world, all he has to do is really die in a ski accident.

Oliver Farry
It's a bit worrying when high-profile Egyptian revolutionaries are relaying obviously bogus news of Keanu Reeves' death on Twitter...

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