Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nitin Gadkari' confirmed a political heavyweight!

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The UnReal Times
Nitin Gadkari's stage collapsing should banish any lingering doubts that he lacks the heft to be a political heavyweight

Kiran Kumar S
#FakingNews : "I smell RSS' hand in creating sensation via Nitin Gadkari's stage fall. Look.. he got up in just 10 seconds!" - Diggy

Gautam Trivedi
Nitin Gadkari's stage collapsed under his weight. This was a disaster waiting to happen. BJP must use cement ramps instead of tables.

Ashwin Mushran
Nitin Gadkari's stage collapsed under him in U.P? Now that's what I call #BreakingNews...How the Mota have fallen

TOI India News
Nitin Gadkari's dais caves in due to 'excessive load'

Kiran Kumar S
Will those journos who mocked Nitin Gadkari's surgery after the fall, have guts to even talk of Sonia's surgery if she ever falls?

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