Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#porngate. Karnataka ministers doing research on Clinton- Monica ?

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rajneesh kapoor 

Come on they are ministers. Maybe they were just doing research on politics, like on Clinton.& on ND Tiwari. Ever thought of that?

Jeff Glekin 

Just another day in parliament. Ministers sit back & watch as people get screwed

Avinash Bhat 

Why was the cameras in Karnataka closing up ministers iPad? Isnt that invasion of privacy? What if its was secret offical documents?

 Priya James 

Did an erection or an election bring this BJP MLA into the karnatakaAssembly?

 Stuti aka StewTea 

How bored were they? And then they blame students for sleeping during History and Civics class

Madhavan Narayanan 

Ram Rajya in Karnataka. Laxman Rekha turns Laxman Dekha!

 Rajdeep Chakraborty 

Breaking News: Sunny Leone Now Wants To Join KarnatakaAssembly

 Utsav Chakraborty 

BREAKING: BJP minister gets inspired by the new Spiderman trailer. Tests out 'home-made web-shooters' in Karnatakaassembly.


There r so many jokes tht 1 can make on bhaith jaiye and #porngate but decency demands I should shut up

Shiv Aroor 

That's right. Give our netas iPads. No fun with those tiny screens.

Piyush Kulshreshtha 

Was it Narayan Dutt Tiwari MMS that the two Karnataka Ministerswere watching on their phone, inside assembly?

 Utsav Chakraborty 

Whoever said that Karnataka had no partying scene, didn't check the massive party in its ministers' pants.

Mabine Seabe II 

There are 3 kinds of Cabinet Ministers: 1. The Doer (eg Dlamini-Zuma); 2. The Solitaire player (eg Patel) and 3. The Talker(eg Sexwale).

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