Friday, February 24, 2012

Right to Sleep means ...

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Supreme Court declares it a fundamental Right to Sleep, but it is yet to be clarified Right to Sleep with whom ??

Bollywood Strugglers in and arnd Lokhandwala rejoice after getting the 'Right to sleep (around)'

Deve Gowda would be very happy to hear about this Right to Sleep, no? As and when he wakes up and finds out about it.

Breaking: More than 50 ppl were arrested from diff part of India while breaking Right to sleep of gov officer in their offices!

Ahem. Fundamental Right to sleep. The entire Army's Fundamental Rights infringed from date of enrolment till discharge this means :)

And remember, Right to Sleep means Right to *Sleep* okay. Not the right to sleep with whomever you want.

Right to Sleep is a fundamental right., can we please work according to our biological clock and not stick to 9-5?! Thanks :)

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