Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sherlyn Chopra goes beyond Poonam Pandey

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Sherlyn Chopra has done a new photo shoot this one is inspired by the Jism2 poster. DE-Erection!

Check out [v]hat Sherlyn Chopra is giving out on her birthday which coincidentally is Valentine's Day! 

Sherlyn Chopra ka budday hum kal bhul gaye ... how ... howwww ... howwwwwww ??? so ab becoz we are very sorry.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara @noyonjparasara
these karnataka politicians who were watching porn at work could putsherlyn chopra and sunny leone to shame :-P

Sherlyn says “I’m glad to be a part of the era which has witnessed a huge revolution in the role and contribution of women at large.Be it politics,cinema,sports,business or any other arena,women across the globe including India are in great form mentally,physically and consciously to undertake greater responsibilities and tougher challenges that are often encountered on paths less travelled.

Having turned into an entrepreneur from having been a pin-up girl feels quite over-whelming.This rapid

metamorphosis in my case would not have been possible had the mindsets of the majority of the people in the Hindi film industry continued to be goverened by prejudices.

I look upto entrepreneurs who command respect and attention for daring to think out of the box and act accordingly.They do not have a herd mentality.What they have is unadulterated creativity which is set on fire by courage.

Films such as The Dirty Picture,vErin Brokovich,vNo One Killed Jessica,The Black Swan are proof of the fact that great stories are not gender-biased.For a narrative to be appealing to larger audiences,it does not have to have a ‘Hero’.Content is the king.And this is what intelligent producers such as Ekta Kapoor thoroughly understand.

Unconventionality is no longer a taboo.It is being applauded and celebrated by both the classes and the masses.The pulse of the youth is racing towards liberalization.And I’m truly loving it.”

When asked for what and when did you do this much talked about shoot?

Says Sherlyn: The shoot had taken place earlier this month.It was held to create some imagery content for a make-over of my and my gift to my fans, on my birthday.

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