Tuesday, February 7, 2012


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Wiz Khalifa 
#YouShouldNeverTrust someone who says, "I promise I won't tell anyone..." A real friend doesn't even need to say it.

Isabelle Cottrell 
#YouShouldNeverTrust Asians around your rice. Just like#YouShouldNeverTrust black people around your fried chicken

♉ J.A.C.J. ♉ 
#YouShouldNeverTrust a female that gives it up the first night and says its her first time doing that

#YouShouldNeverTrust a turtle who wants to sell you a home. You're probably not thinking about the same thing.

Lee Taylor 
#YouShouldNeverTrust someone that cheats on you once, if you forgive them, chances are they will do it again since you forgave them once

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