Saturday, March 24, 2012

CID vs Agent Vinod

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ACP Pradyumana from CID could have solved the 'Agent Vinod' case in 30-minutes and at 1/1000th budget.

Friendship is watching Agent Vinod together without blaming anyone.

"Agent Vinod Is Banned In Pakistan, Which Therefore, Continues To Remain, An Unsaif Country.

By today evening will get to know, Agent Vinod is 'whose agent' LIC, GAS, Real Estate, RSS ..... :P

The sequel to Agent Vinod can be Reagent Vinod - A chemical thriller.

If Agent Vinod fails, Saif may just start a lingerie shop in Khan Market and call it Vinod Agencies.

Breaking: Saif Ali Khan "If Agent Vinod is a hit I'll make sequels called Agent Suresh and Agent Ramesh"

People admitted in mental hospital after watching film Agent Vinod. Iqbal Sharma reaches on the spot & blames Saif Ali Khan.

Agent Vinod banned in Pakistan! Lucky Fellows

Pakistan bans Agent Vinod. This is *obviously* another Ra.One publicity stunt by SRK.

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