Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last-over hilarity: Dhoni and Misbah ... Dinda dinda!!..#indvspak

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Last-over hilarity: Dhoni clapping sarcastically at Dinda's wide ball first ball, Misbah falls down after a wild swing last ball.

What do you get when you have Umar Gul and Ashok Dinda playing together? #GullyDanda

When he's bowling, Dinda has more air time than a Kingfisher flight.

Suresh Raina can be a good bowler like Dinda

Just an Observation .. This Dinda Bounces higher than his Balls :P

That crop on Dinda's head looks anything but hair. What is it?

Ashok Dinda's run-up forces you to call it a bowling attack.

If Ashok Dinda jumped any higher, the Russians would have taken him away for their pole vault team.

Tonight this nation asks you Dinda why is it that you were indulging in high jump when BCCI had paid you to play cricket. That's my simple Q

A man named Ashok Dinda beaten by indian fans with Chappals in Bangladesh yesterday after match. Eyewitness saw #sachin in group of fans.

Dinda bowls a bouncer and concedes just 2 runs in his first over vs Pakistan. Someone give him the Bharat Ratna already!

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