Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Railway Budget: TMC: Mamata Banerjee - Dinesh Trivedi fight; Derek O Brien quizzes; Mukul Roy wins?

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Mamata Banerjee to star in Kahaani 2. She will be searching for a missing Dinesh Trivedi.

Congress party, you can equally ask Mamata Banerjee to try and govern Bengal without any financial handouts from the Centre.

Dinesh Trivedi has done to Mamata Banerjee, what Mamata Banerjee couldn't do to Manmohan Singh...therein lies a tale...

Mamata Banerjee to Dinesh Trivedi : You do the budgetting, I'll do the railing.

Derek O Brien is a quizzer who has all the wrong answers

Derek O Brien joining politics has been a big gain for the world of quizzing

Mr Derek O'Brien: Arnab is trying desperately to answer your question: what facts are wrong?

Derek O'Brien says his party has shown its DNA! OUCH! Sacking own minister. Where was ur chief when the budget ...

Sad to see Derek O'Brien trying 2 defend his party chief's idiosyncrasies. What's with the West Bengal govts? Can't make up their minds.

Reason why there are no Mamata Banerjee statues. : The stones kept rolling back

Question for Quiz Master Derek O'Brien; Who is the CM of Waste Bengal??

Dinesh Trivedi MUST mention Mamata Banerjee's name atleast 34 times: one for each year of the CPI(M)'s miss-rule...:)

Democracy in India: Mamata Banerjee's colleagues are part of the Union Cabinet: and then they sit in dharna outside Parliament...

Dinesh Trivedi should have walked out after announcing fare hikes in protest against himself.

In Quizzing circles, Derek O Brien's nickname was Derek No Brain, he is doing really good justice now to that nickname.

When the likes of Tharoor and Derek O'Brien practice the kind of politics they are, one wonders why we need educated people in politics.

What a kind hearted woman Mamata Banerjee is that she didn't marry

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