Monday, April 16, 2012

Gold Mine

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A Husband and Wife, Both were very happy over the twelve pound baby boy that was born to them. 
Mr. Brown who could not conceal his delight, called up the editor of a famous newspaper and reported that he became the proud owner of a twelve pound nugget of gold.
The editor upon hearing the seemingly extraordinary news was rather hesitant to accept it at its face value. So he sent his star reporter to interview Mr. Brown.
When the reporter came, Mr. Brown was away and his wife was alone at home.. 
The following interesting conversation took place between the reporter and Mrs. Brown. 
Reporter: Does Mr. Brown Live here?
Mrs. Brown: Oh! Yes. 
Reporter: Is he in?
Mrs. Brown: Why no, he went somewhere. 
Reporter: Is it true that he owns a twelve pound nugget of gold?  Mrs.
Brown: (Seeing the joke) Yes, indeed. 
Reporter: Can I see the place where he found it?
Mrs. Brown: I am afraid, not because Mr. Brown! Objects in as much as it is strictly private. 
Reporter: Is the place far?
Mrs. Brown: No, it is quite near and convenient. 
Reporter: How many years has Mr. Brown been digging the hole?
Mrs. Brown: Just for about ten months. 
Reporter: Is the hole deep?
Mrs. Brown: Quite so... 
Reporter: Has Mr.. Brown reached the bottom of it?
Mrs. Brown: Not yet, but he is coming near... 
Reporter: At about what time does Mr. Brown starts digging?
Mrs. Brown: Oh, he does his digging mostly at night. 
Reporter: Does he work hard on it?
Mrs. Brown: You bet......... ..and how he perspires. 
Reporter: Is Mr. Brown the first to dig?
Mrs. Brown: He thought he was... 
Reporter: How do you know there was someone ahead! of him?
Mrs. Brown: I am in a good position to say so, because I own the place. 
Reporter: Oh, I see, but you sold the place to Mr. Brown?
Mrs. Brown: No, but for the present, he has the legal title to the site, with my consent. 
Reporter: Has Mr. Brown any helper when he works on the claim?
Mrs. Brown: Yes, I work under him... 
Reporter: When do you think Mr. Brown will sell the place?
Mrs. Brown: I think not because he enjoys working on it. 
Reporter: Can I see the twelve pound nugget of gold?
Mrs. Brown: Yes, certainly (and she showed him the twelve pound baby boy). 
The reporter had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.  

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