Sunday, April 8, 2012


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Lalawa got married and had a child born in three months. His friends joked 
Lalawa about his possible pre-marital relationship with his wife. So 
Lalawa fuming went to his wife and asked, “Others have baby in nine months and 
how come you had in three?” 
Wife asked, “Tell me how much time it is that you are married?” 
Lalawa said, “Three” 
Wife asked again, “How much time it is me who is married?” 
Lalawa said, “Three” 
“And how much time it was before baby was born?” Wife asked. 
Lalawa said, “Three” 
So add that up how much is that? 
Lalawa very happily said, “Nine” 
Wife swiped her forehead with semi-circled forefinger and Lalawa 
was dancing joyously.  

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