Friday, April 13, 2012

Nirmal Baba is a Masters in God Business

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I have no problem with Nirmal Baba show on TV. The only regret I have is he's replaced a talented guy like Raju Srivastav!

'Shakti' battery is currently down! :D RT @irajdeep: "I'm sorry 'Nirmal Baba' is currently out of service" ?!?

Breaking Soon - The Date Of Next Samagam; Third Eye Of Nirmal Baba a.k.a Nirmal BabaJi Maharaj, Live Telecast From 'Tihar' Premises: FIU !!!

IIM should start a Masters in God Business and produce thousands of entrepreneurs like Nirmal Baba

Nirmal Baba. Healing over telephone. Stealing 10% of devotees' salary. Making a killing. Perfect CV for a godman

Let's mock/bash one Nirmal Baba.. All "seculars" out in droves. Let's examine Karnataka Rs.2 lakh crore #WakfScam . Sorry.. in rat holes:)

How many of you have seen those funny sounding dramatizing evangelists on Zee, Star in the mornings. Why not go after them like Nirmal Baba?

Nirmal Baba = A brain balm

Has Nirmal Baba learnt nothing? Why is he keeping all his money in Indian Banks? Should have used Swiss banks no? Duffer

If SRK doesn't want to be detained again, he should eat samosa with Karan Johar at 3 in the morning: Nirmal Baba

8 AM: Seek Nirmal Baba 's blessings. 10 AM: Support Anna's fast. 7 PM: Apply Sandhisudha. 9 PM: Call MMS a chor. #India

Nirmal Baba, Asaram, Ramdev under media scrutiny? Fine, but why never ever evangelists like Dhinakaran and many others under any scrutiny?

Normal Baba, follower of Nirmal Baba, raises second round of investment

Even IPad n IPhone are with Nirmal baba. Whenever I type Nirmal,IPhone self changes to Normal. Steve I know ur success now.Nirmal is normal.

Nirmal Baba is a symbol of our Democracy! If Baba can succeed in fooling millions of gullible people --so do our politicians!

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