Friday, April 13, 2012

Rahul discovers his Brahmin roots?

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Cattle from India in US is called in "Brahmin Herd". Buddhu is "Brahmin Nerd".

As I was speculating - Congress has no choice but to back to nationalist, upper caste roots. thats its loyal voters.

Rahul Gandhi ji is asking me what should he wear during #zardari meeting. I want to tell him 'intelligence', but I'll say 'kurta-paijama'

Rahul Gandhi had free food at a Dalit home. And soon, a Dalit woman lost her Chief Minister post.

Breaking News: Bilawal Bhutto to undertake summer internship in Congress under Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi spills water. Manmohan Singh suddenly stands up.

Alien hota to bhi wo GS hota! (ANd how is he brahmin?) | I’m a Brahmin & Congress’s general secretary: Rahul Gandhi |

BTW how is Rahul Gandhi a Bramhin? Am I missing something? His mother is Christian and his dad a Parsee.

Now that Rahul has said he's a brahmin, don't be surprised if Barkha and Rajdeep discover the brahmin in themselves too! Girgits all !!

So Rahul Gandhi says he's brahmin! Err.. wasn't his paternal grandpa a Parsi? Or can we choose castes now? If so, I'm OBC, want reservation!

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