Friday, April 13, 2012

SRK Detained At Kolkata airport !!!

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If KKR ends up at the bottom of #IPL points table, #SRK will be detained at Kolkata airport too.

of all Mahesh Bhatt comes in defense of SRK?LOL!! No doubt SRK guy need to be frisked.

Remember, SRK wore mask and looked totally like Hrithik Roshan in Don2, US authorities wanted to confirm there was no mask.

I don't have a problem with the US detaining SRK.I have a problem with them releasing him! Ab vapas aake humara head khayega

Thank god KKR cheergirls are in improved clothing!My mom is convinced SRK was detained in NY in connection with the last batch of uniforms;)

SRK is more pissed-off for the fact that he has no film releasing soon and the publicity he got for detention is going waste.

SRK is the new Robert Vadra.

SRK was carrying undisclosed amount of heroines with himself.

US officials - "Tell us about Ra.One." #SRK "Hhhhheeyyyy! It bombed." "BOMB??!!"

Q. Whatz the Plural of Shah Rukh Khan? Ans. ICICI Bank. Bcoz, SRK: Main Hoon Na. and ICICI Bank: Hum Hain Na.

Aamir = I Phone (class apart) Salman = Black Berry (most popular) SRK = Nokia (user friendly.. once leader)..

Priyanka chopra will be seen in cheergirls for #SRK & #KKR in #IPL. Now lady named Gauri khan to cheer for #RR

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