Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Twiteratti and Google wishes Ayesha Takia Happy Birthday?

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Some of you cracking lewd jokes about Ayesha Takia are the same people who outrage over molestation stories. Double standards much?
Oh boy I am so proud of myself for successfully resisting my natural instinct to insult Ayesha Takia on her Budday.
C'mon friends, get over these ayesha takia jokes. Give her a break coz nobody else is giving her a break these days!
Ayesha Takia has never refused to show her navel, despite not having seen it herself, ever.
"OMG. Kingfisher Airlines didn't wish me today. So rude. Is this how you treat a woman. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah."- Ayesha Takia
Guys please stop making Ayesha Takia jokes.It's really tasteless.Imagine how Ram Kapoor is feeling right now.
Has anyone asked Ayesha Takia what she feels when the nation walks the talk about her profound bosoms?
No. I'm not going to make a Knock Knock joke featuring Ayesha Takia. I'm not indecent, like that.
Ayesha Takia will always have a flat tummy because nothing grows under the shade..
If Ayesha Takia goes to Delhi ... She will need 2 Dupattas .
If Titanic had Ayesha Takia instead of Kate Winslet, the re-release would have been Titanic 36DD

Bollywood actor Ayesha Takia, who turns 26 today, is trending heavily on Twitter. It all started with birthday wishes for the actor but soon turned into a volley of jokes on her assets.

Ayesha Takia's film career started with Taarzan: The Wonder Car for which she won the Filmfare Best Debut Award (2004). Takia was highly acclaimed for her performance as a young widow in Dor (2006). She received commercial success with Wanted (2009).

This is the second time that she has become a talking point on the micro blogging website. Remember the spat with Mallya junior. That was about defending her little sister from inhospitality shown to her on a Kingfisher flight. But the current thunder belongs to none other than Ayesha Takia herself.

Birthday girl  tweeted:Ayesha Takia Azmi (@Ayeshatakia): Much love 2 all those of u who r so genuine,kind n sweet 2 me,with ur non stop love and wishes!god bless u!?

Ayesha Takia Azmic (@Ayeshatakia): "And much forgiveness 2 the shady lot of ppl,coz even though I don't know u exist u hav spent ur whole day talkin about me.god bless.thanx."

Ayesha Takia Azmi (@Ayeshatakia): "Awww thank u 4 makin me n my birthday a Trending topic worldwide 2day!!ur r the bestestttt!muaaah (sic)."

Ayesha Takia Azmi (@Ayeshatakia): "Giving myself the gift of eating whatever food I want without guilt or contemplation,and hav chai with sugar!!!!!!.back 2 diet from tmro (sic)."

Ayesha Takia Azmi (@Ayeshatakia): "Much love rite back at u my twitfam..god bless u all!"

Ayesha Takia Azmi (@Ayeshatakia): "I am truly thankful 2 all of u 4 the loveliest birthday wishes,all the love, kind words and compliments!ul hav surely made this day special!"

Fun poked at Ayesha Takia on Twitter:
Comedian Praveen (@Funny_Leone): "Ayesha Takia bending will be more interesting than Ayesha Takia trending."

Ankit Das (@BadBolaDas): "Ayesha Takia 's Birthday today. Short men who get to Hug her today ...will get the best return gift ever."

Khandelwal Tathagat (@WhatsTheGoal): "Videocon should ask ayesha takia instead of srk for the tv they sell with punch line bada hai to behatar hai."

N Karkhanis (@carkhanis): "India's Finance Ministry should ask for Ayesha Takia's help for DOUBLE digit growth!!!!"

WordOfTheFree (@WordOfTheFree): "What is Ayesha Takia's favourite cartoon? Booby booby doo!"

SS Sodhi (@SimpooSir): "Ayesha Takia did come to our school az a subztitute for Zolly madam. Blackboard par likne zaati toh sab automatically mit zaata tha(sic)."

Some fans stood by her:Ushy Mohan Das (@UshyMohanDas): "why is everyone after Ayesha Takia's assets?"

Aarthi Madadi (@FilmLoverAarthi): "These tweets about Ayesha Takia are so degrading! Way to ruin someone's birthday! (starts yelling profanities)"

That Gujarati Boy (@_SilLy_BoY_): "Abe Ayesha Takia ki shaadi ho gai he , chod do ab usko ! huh."

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