Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why US embassy in Kabul bombed?

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Firing and explosion near US embassy in Kabul. This SRK detention issue is getting out of hand.

Detaining SRK is not an reflects the disdain and disregard towards the rest of the world by the US authorities!!

SRK may have been detained because of his surname: Lata

Indian freed after 18 years of slavery in Saudi. Never mind. Carry on about 2 hours of detention SRK had to go through.

Ra.One on Sirasa TV in Sri Lanka : It's showing on TV now : First Time in Sri Lanka :)

SRK has two sequels to his credit now. Don 1 and Don 2. Detention 1 and Detention 2."

SRK could actually have been a good actor if he wasn't so busy being a phony

Remember, SRK wore mask and looked totally like Hrithik Roshan in Don2, US authorities wanted to confirm there was no mask.

I don't have a problem with the US detaining SRK.I have a problem with them releasing him! Ab vapas aake humara head khayega

Thank god KKR cheergirls are in improved clothing!My mom is convinced SRK was detained in NY in connection with the last batch of uniforms;)

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