Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunny Gupta, Sehwag's favorite----a cross between Sunny Leone and Yana Gupta

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Sunny Gupta, Sehwag's favorite, is still trending. And yes he's not a cross between Sunny Leone and Yana Gupta

3-0-47-0 and a duck for Sunny Gupta, so to be fair to Sehwag he brought plenty of balance to the side

Post mortem: Sehwag made too many errors to win last night. Morkel out, some nameless Sunny Gupta (?) in, not opening the batting etc.

Wow sehwag wow! We were Just to forget Ajit agarkar n u brought us a Talent Sunny Gupta 3 over 47 Runs n a Duck ! Ur Captaincy Take a bow

Sunny Gavaskar at age 62 would be a better pick than SunnyGupta.

Sunny Gupta finishes 3 overs without any dot balls. He'll spend the rest of the evening searching for it on Google.

Sehwag has come on to bowl to prove that Sunny Gupta isn't that bad after all.

Sunny Gupta is actually Munaf patel in disguise..

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