Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tusshar Kapoor's flop "Butt" show on twitter

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Tusshar Kapoor's 'butt' show big flop on Twitter

Jitesh Jain ‏ @jiteshujain: Tusshar Kapoor........a.k.a. garibo ka John Abraham

Avinash Mhatre ‏ @avimhatre07: Tusshar Kapoor is an example of Silicon implants went wrong. Ye banda jo bhi karata hai galat ho jata hai. :p

Comedian Praveen ‏ @Funny_Leone: Why is everybody making fun of Tusshar Kapoor?.. just leave her alone..

vinodh ‏ @vinodhkrishNews: Tusshar kapoor to do a spoof of singham..wait a sec..tusshar exists? i thought he was a spoof on jitendra...#ohsillyme

Rake$£ Jhunjhunwala ‏ @jhunjhunwala Inspired BY Aamir Khan other actors also want to do social service.Tusshar kapoor can do social service by quitting acting .

Vikram Aditya ‏ @VikramAditya_1#3: WordsForYou Tusshar Kapoor 1. lol 2. lol and 3. lol #EverythingIsPossible

vedank singh ‏ @vedanksingh: Tusshar Kapoor - 'mycareer' (Error: Password too short) #CelebrityTwitterPasswords

Born To Troll ‏ @Trolled_Kid: One more tweet about Tusshar Kapoor and I lose hope in humanity! :P

Baani Grewal ‏ @Sir_Daar: Of all the weird-ass conversations I've ever heard, discussion about Tusshar Kapoor & his "boobs" has been the top runner!

Frootifer Vajpayee ‏ @Oinkoo: Tusshar Kapoor 's butt? It still exists after so many people kicked it?!

John Abraham and Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar was excited about showing his butt!
Tusshar shows off his butt in Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum, spoofing John Abraham’s 

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