Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yusuf Pathan is the Air India of KKR.

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Cost: $2.1mn. Runs (in 9 innings): 59 off 71 balls. Wickets (in 8 innings): 1 for 116. Man, this Yusuf Pathan is the Air India of KKR.

PWI fail to win despite Yusuf Pathan's efforts.

Shahrukh Khan to replace Yusuf Pathan with a KKR cheerleader next match

Sharukh Khan should have purchased YusufPathan frm Flipkart. In that way he could have atleast got a replacement guarantee.

Yusuf Pathan is the new Agarkar/Nehra, when it comes to winning matches for the opposition.

Yusuf Pathan has been a bigger disappointment that Pune's batting.

Maybe it's time Yusuf Pathan changes his name to YuselessufPathan. No? Okay.

Ra.One is looking better for SRK when compared with YusufPathan

Yusuf Pathan and Dale Steyn should trade places to feel at home in their respective teams

Yusuf Pathan is clearly the dud of the tournament so far...

Tomorrow if Sidhu says Yusuf Pathan is not playing well, that too will be called communal, because Sidhu is a BJP MP. 

Yusuf Pathan - is useless but looks important

Yusuf Pathan's performance has been such that Rahul Gandhi visited his home recently.

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